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Tom Mackrola gives a sneak peak into the final step in the home buying process, closing. The day of the closing is the destination you ultimately want to reach when getting pre approved for a home loan. In this video you will see clips of an actual closing featuring Martha Rodriguez De La Vega of Realty of Chicago, along with Tom Mackrola of Inlanta Mortgage, and Real Estate attorney Terry Fogarty. Just a sneak peak of what to expect when you are preparing to buy a home. Closing on your property is the last step in the home buying process.

Eminem vs Feminem bka Justina Valentine

I want to start making this blog more interesting so let’s see if I can stay consistent with posting. Trying out something new here… F*** it Fridays. Where I have a weekly post about anything, because F*** it its Friday! This week it seemed appropriate to post some music that deals with not giving a F***


Justina Valentine- Just Dont Give a Fck [Feminem]

Download the Justina Valentine Feminem Mixtape here!!


Eminem I just don’t give a F***

Just Don’t Give A F*** by Eminem on VEVO.

I’m rocking with Justina over Marshall here (Sorry Em) Eminem is great and I really liked his stuff up until his second album but haven’t felt anything he’s dropped in forever. As much as you may dislike the president, the “Trump freestyle”  if you can honestly critique music, you’ll agree. It was absolutely trash and basically a thirsty attempted to be relevant, which failed exponentially.


Justina on the other hand is gaining relevancy by the day . She is dope and going places…been up on her prior to Wild N Out  via instagram  where she is is always acting a fool, and appears to be having a blast 24-7. Her growth as an artist along with her increase in notoriety is remarkable. plus she’s nasty off the top. Watch out J.U.I.C.E.    Justina Valentine may not be as easy to beat in a Freestyle battle…

Now all she needs is a legit single and I’m willing to bet Justina Valentine will be even more of a big deal. Perhaps a G Eazy, Lil Pump, Cardi B,  Collab? Only time will tell but in the meantime, Im writing anything to reach 300 words because wordpress suggested I “add more copy”.

Final ten words,  what should I write? nevermind, figured it out

Data Collection

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.

via Wikipedia

Who Collects Data and is it Correct?

Today data collection is something that touches all of ours lives — you can’t go online and interact (ie. purchase something, post on social media, google search, etc.) without very large tech firms disseminating and compiling your information. Each and every tech company has a lengthy TOS (terms of service) agreement that users typically implicitly agree to when utilizing or accessing their particular platform. It’s important to read these companies’ TOS, as they can bring insight into what types of data are out there and the ways your data is being used by those companies and their affiliates; and, most importantly, how to get your data under control.

Past or Future?

Everyone has a past — and in America, (hopefully) a future. That American future can be placed in jeopardy due to incomplete, outright wrong, misidentified, or countless other types of bad information. This is such the case with my Google search results for “Tom Mackrola”. First off, the Thomas listings? Not according to my driver’s license supplied by the Illinois DMV. How about old arrests? Wrong guy, wrong place. It happens to the best and worst of us, but with the data collection online practises today nothing is lost—whether good or bad info. Incorrect information is out there; waiting to be seen by someone who you may want to do business with, and speaking things about you that just aren’t true.

In Conclusion

So, make sure you look closely at the results that pull up on Google, read your TOS of every platform you visit, and ensure that your data is correct and valid to make sure you put the best foot forward. This is Tom of, over and out!



Tom Mackrola

Tom Mackrola speaks for himself

Why did I, Tom Mackrola, purchase the domain and start this and this blog? I want to control my message on the internet.

If it was up to me I would just unlist myself and let my personal interactions in life define me—however, in 2018 this isn’t an option.

It today’s world, you have two choices:

  • let the contributors of the internet run wild and paint whatever picture of you they choose


  • go on the offensive and write your own story.

I chose the latter.


I really didn’t have much of a choice considering my birthname: Tom Mackrola. The uniqueness of my name is both a blessing and a curse and more so the curse part concerning the issue above.

The Setup

While Tom Mackrola (me!) has been active on social media since the AOL days, the majority of my activity has been through screen names. Once Facebook started getting larger, I transitioned to using my given name online. Later I became a licensed loan originator and started my consulting business in the real estate industry.

The Plot

Scrapers and scammers began to notice I cared enough about my future to apply for a license, and started slamming together every bit on info on “Tom Mackrola” they could find. The result? A hodge-podge of half-truths, overt lies, mis-identifications, wrong names, wrong pictures, and on and on. I’m sure you get the picture. One place even had a former college roommate’s address listed as my previous address! I’d never stepped foot in his apartment, and yet—there it was online. My “previous residence”. Something about reading “print” online has almost the same weight as paper, and yet the internet’s nature is one of easily (and cheaply) created information with little to no real vetting. Fake news, people!

The Moral

The moral of the story is that you have the option to create yourself on the internet. Be sure to use your real name on any sites (that you trust) to get the information indexed by search engines, vetted, and correct. Much of what is posted about people online is rife with garbage, hearsay, misinformation, and so much more that you can’t leave it up to others — especially the scrapers and compilers of data online — to dictate who you are. Take matters into your own hands and make a blog!