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Month: February 2018

Eminem vs Feminem bka Justina Valentine

I want to start making this blog more interesting so let’s see if I can stay consistent with posting. Trying out something new here… F*** it Fridays. Where I have a weekly post about anything, because F*** it its Friday! This week it seemed appropriate to post some music that deals with not giving a F***


Justina Valentine- Just Dont Give a Fck [Feminem]

Download the Justina Valentine Feminem Mixtape here!!


Eminem I just don’t give a F***

Just Don’t Give A F*** by Eminem on VEVO.

I’m rocking with Justina over Marshall here (Sorry Em) Eminem is great and I really liked his stuff up until his second album but haven’t felt anything he’s dropped in forever. As much as you may dislike the president, the “Trump freestyle”  if you can honestly critique music, you’ll agree. It was absolutely trash and basically a thirsty attempted to be relevant, which failed exponentially.


Justina on the other hand is gaining relevancy by the day . She is dope and going places…been up on her prior to Wild N Out  via instagram  where she is is always acting a fool, and appears to be having a blast 24-7. Her growth as an artist along with her increase in notoriety is remarkable. plus she’s nasty off the top. Watch out J.U.I.C.E.    Justina Valentine may not be as easy to beat in a Freestyle battle…

Now all she needs is a legit single and I’m willing to bet Justina Valentine will be even more of a big deal. Perhaps a G Eazy, Lil Pump, Cardi B,  Collab? Only time will tell but in the meantime, Im writing anything to reach 300 words because wordpress suggested I “add more copy”.

Final ten words,  what should I write? nevermind, figured it out